Meaning of budworm in English:




  • A moth caterpillar that is destructive to buds.

    ‘However, the continuing logic of comprehensive chemical spray was soon accepted, as the budworm was found to rebound quickly and move readily across space.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the budworms and earworms have been found to produce the same compounds found in the saliva of beet armyworms.’
    • ‘According to the proponents of the silvicultural hypothesis, several processes combined to make forests increasingly vulnerable to budworm outbreaks.’
    • ‘It portrays a complex interplay of science and policy in environmental politics, and it seeks to explain the differential responses to the threat the budworm has posed to the wood supply over the past half century.’
    • ‘Though this might seem to represent a trend toward a more benign way of reconciling the budworm and the forest ecosystem, the approach has obvious limits.’