Meaning of buff-tip in English:



  • A European moth that has buff-coloured wing tips and thoracic hair, giving it the appearance of a twig when at rest.

    Phalera bucephala, family Notodontidae

    ‘Birch leaves are a common food plant for the buff-tip larvae.’
    • ‘The ability of insects to imitate a leaf, as in the jagged Comma butterfly, or to present itself altogether as something other than an insect, as with the Buff-tip moth, is the same process of mimesis which is at the heart of all the arts, and more significantly, of the evolution of language.’
    • ‘The Sallow bushes growing nearby provide protection and food for many insects, including the larvae of the Buff-Tip Moth and the Lackey Moth, whose caterpillars leave a tent of silky threads behind, when they hatch.’
    • ‘The buff-tip is a relatively common species but nonetheless a remarkable one and a must for enthusiasts to breed. The eggs are laid in a tight cluster on the underside of the foodplant.’