Meaning of buffalo thorn in English:

buffalo thorn


  • A tropical African shrub or small tree with glossy leaves and thorns which grow in pairs, one of each pair being straight and the other curved.

    Ziziphus mucronata, family Rhamnaceae

    ‘The low canopies of these tree grove islands, usually made up of umbrella thorn and buffalo thorn provide shelter for game during the heat of the day and one can often see lion dozing in the shade of these thickets.’
    • ‘The dominant tree species in these areas include Combretum erythrophyllum (river bushwillow) and Ziziphus mucronata (buffalo thorn).’
    • ‘Today, Mannar is one of the bleakest places in Sri Lanka, with much of the land being sterile and repulsive, covered by a stunted growth of umbrella trees and buffalo thorns.’
    • ‘An indigenous tree - buffalo thorn - has been chosen as the tree of the year for the 2006 National Tree Planting Day because of its outstanding medicinal properties.’
    • ‘Giraffe browse on about 70 species of trees and shrubs in the Kruger Park, but are particularly partial to combretums, buffalo thorn and acacias, as illustrated above.’