Meaning of buffalo weaver in English:

buffalo weaver


  • A large thickset African weaver bird that is either all black or has a white head and red rump.

    Genera Bubalornis and Dinemellia, family Ploceidae: three species

    ‘Most birds don't have penises, but the male red-billed buffalo weaver has evolved a false penis to give him an edge in dealing with the famously promiscuous females of his species.’
    • ‘Commonly seen birds are African skimmers, goshawks, red and yellow bishops, palm nut vultures and the white-headed buffalo weavers.’
    • ‘The weavers belong to a family whose scientific name is the Plocidae and which, besides the true weavers, includes the parasitic widow birds or whydahs, the sparrows and the buffalo weavers.’
    • ‘This type of bill is characteristic of the seedeaters; the buffalo weaver will, however, also eat insects and fruit.’
    • ‘Watch for the huge colonies of Weavers in the acacia trees, including buffalo weavers and white-headed weavers.’