Meaning of buffed in English:


Pronunciation /bʌft/


(also buffed-out)
another term for buff
‘As we cruised along Ocean Drive, Robin and I weren't paying much attention to the lights of Miami or the buffed, bronzed people out to see and be seen in their designer clothes.’
  • ‘Agassi is the buffed baseliner and Sampras the athletic serve-and-volleyer.’
  • ‘He was a buffed up man who loved to work out, always wanting to stay fit.’
  • ‘Ricky and Jennifer are currently sporting buffed bodies and blonde highlights, and why not?’
  • ‘In addition to his crash course in technique, he sprinted to the gym to gain a more buffed look.’
  • ‘The bigger buffed man retreated cowardly to the other side of the gym while people stared at the commotion.’
  • ‘In an era of waifs and buffed bodies, the full-figured beauties in Rubens's works have a graceful nobility.’
  • ‘The September issue of GQ featured him on the cover and inside tells how he parlayed his buffed physique into $20 million per movie paydays.’
  • ‘The play brings the stories of these two budding authors to life, and like a fictional romance novel the heroes are always buffed and brave, the heroines always beautiful and demure.’
  • ‘Best of these is Bibis, where the buffed, bronzed patrons mirror the local sports stars whose images adorn the walls.’
  • ‘Prince worked in the weight room, but because he never buffed up - and because of his overall laid-back demeanor - folks assumed he simply was not willing to work hard enough.’
  • ‘However, it is as a buffed action hero, whose mouth only opens to deliver cutting one liners, that many of us will remember him most fondly.’
  • ‘De Lempica was all about image - and her work has resonances now in the buffed and beautiful models that stare out at us from advertisements.’
  • ‘Jason is the quintessential 21st century action hero - young, in buffed physical shape and devoid of any trace of romanticism.’
  • ‘But it's hard to appreciate striking features and buffed bodies when they make you laugh so hard you can barely see straight!’
  • ‘The whole secret appeal of the super hero isn't so much their buffed up bodies and superpowers, although those are nice too.’
  • ‘With a buffed body seen only in magazines, he was what Karen's would rave as ‘hot’.’