Meaning of buffer stock in English:

buffer stock


  • A reserve of a commodity that can be used to offset price fluctuations.

    ‘Why is it that with 60 million tonnes of grain in surplus of the buffer stock, India still has hunger on this scale?’
    • ‘The country is well placed to meet the situations, thanks to a large buffer stock and treasury overflowing with foreign exchange.’
    • ‘India, for instance, has witnessed an impressive expansion in food production over the years, and it has built up a large buffer stock of foodgrains.’
    • ‘Most suppliers, however, are required to stage anywhere from 8 to 10 days' worth of buffer stock in those multivendor warehouses located within 90 minutes of the TMC.’
    • ‘By dividing the assembly line and installing separate lines to prepare subassemblies, the plants were able to maintain buffer stock between zones and between the assembly line and the preparation line.’