Meaning of buffoonish in English:



See buffoon

  • ‘It's as if these two sides of his character, the passion and the buffoonish clumsiness are interlocked, as if he's a pan that's continually on the verge of boiling over.’
  • ‘The transition from buffoonish to sinister is seamless.’
  • ‘I can never be sure whether I come across as witty or buffoonish at work.’
  • ‘There is no way of knowing whether he is writing on a level of subversive irony, whether he takes his wacky anarchist ideas seriously or whether they are incited by his buffoonish exhibitionism.’
  • ‘In his heyday he was beloved as a comic genius, first from his radio days on The Goon Show, and then in his highly successful years on film, playing a long line of memorable characters headed by the heroically buffoonish Inspector Clouseau.’