Meaning of bug fix in English:

bug fix

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  • A correction to a bug in a computer program or system.

    ‘software companies typically provide technical support and bug fixes for only a limited time’
    • ‘A service pack generally contains many of the essential "bug fixes" that help to keep the system reasonably stable.’
    • ‘OK, it's true, web distribution lets you distribute bug fixes much faster than the old days of packaged software.’
    • ‘In addition to a number of bug fixes, the new version includes features which would probably be useful for a script like this.’
    • ‘The final stage, production release, is achieved whenever bug fixes previously submitted to the development tree are merged into the latest stable production branch.’
    • ‘Simple modifications and bug fixes are usually included in the price.’
    • ‘Software fixes generally include: resolved security breaches, compatibility issues, bug fixes, and the like.’
    • ‘Service Packs include a wide range of bug fixes and address security vulnerabilities.’
    • ‘Bug fixes and software updates can be integrated into the system almost continuously.’
    • ‘There is an update utility that obtains bug fixes, new versions of packages and the like.’
    • ‘This is problematic for vendors and customers alike since software products continually go through enhancements and bug fixes in order to maintain that high level of assurance the certification provides.’
    • ‘When programmers can read, distribute and modify software code, a large community becomes involved in the development effort, allowing bug fixes and enhancements to occur rapidly.’
    • ‘In addition to the usual bug fixes, the update is said to add not only a web browser and an email program, but a word processor and a spreadsheet.’
    • ‘By all accounts this is the last beta, and the company will now focus on bug fixes rather than new features prior to the product's release, which will be towards the end of the year.’
    • ‘They'll incorporate other bug fixes and performance enhancements, which potentially introduce new bugs, slowdowns, quirks, downtime, integration issues, and security downfalls.’
    • ‘As I said before, version 9.0 had several bugs - which actually had me reinstalling 8.1 and waiting for the bug fix.’
    • ‘The stated goal is to patch once a week, with every patch containing a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks, based heavily on the feedback from players and the Top Ten Issues list we compile every week.’
    • ‘Posting the bug report is instrumental to obtaining a bug fix and, therefore, enjoying a non-misbehaving program.’
    • ‘Several significant bug fixes and major enhancements were made, including a third analog-modeling oscillator, an entirely reworked user interface and onboard effects.’
    • ‘Upgrades and bug fixes are automatic.’
    • ‘Version 2.16 has several minor bug fixes and some new features as well.’