Meaning of bug fixing in English:

bug fixing


See bug fix

‘The OS is now feature complete and all that's left is bug fixing and optimisation.’
  • ‘Further development and bug fixing will continue throughout the autumn and the final version of the system will be launched at the end of December.’
  • ‘Everything takes longer than expected, because the estimate didn't account for bug fixing, committee meetings, coffee breaks, and that crazy boss who interrupts all the time.’
  • ‘The game is coming along nicely, with most of the work at this stage relating to bug fixing and detail tweaking.’
  • ‘Well, even if you try to fix every bug as you go along, at the end of every milestone, there is inevitably a lot of bug fixing when testers (internal and beta) find the really hard bugs.’
  • ‘The company had an uneven track record when it came to features and bug fixing.’