Meaning of build bridges in English:

build bridges


  • Promote friendly relations between groups.

    ‘the challenge for all politicians now is to build bridges between communities’
    • ‘No doubt both neighbours are making efforts to build bridges.’
    • ‘Common interest groups, involving intergroup contact, should be central to Government policy to build bridges between divided communities.’
    • ‘Prior to Cancun, the antiwar movement had already begun to build bridges with antiglobalization groups.’
    • ‘Your point is well taken about seeking out moderate Muslims in an effort to build bridges.’
    • ‘Since making his pledge he has found alternative ways to build bridges with Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel.’
    • ‘Instead of building bridges, bridges of trust and love, Sharon is building bridges of hatred, and impenetrable walls. "’
    • ‘By exploring their perceptual differences, the Chinese and American publics can build bridges between them without dependence on their governments.’
    • ‘My job as a leader is to build coalitions - build bridges and pull people together.’
    • ‘But some activists have been trying to build bridges since the youth edge appeared in Seattle.’
    • ‘As India began to build bridges with Myanmar, China reached out to Bangladesh and they signed a hush-hush defence deal.’