Meaning of build in in English:

build in

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phrasal verb

  • build something in, build in somethingIncorporate something and make it a permanent part of a structure, system, or situation.

    ‘engineers want to build in extra traction’
    • ‘The universe may not seem to make any more sense to you if your cosmogony is scientific rather than religious in nature, but in the end there is no escape from the fact that in the evolution of living systems the bias is built in.’
    • ‘But in every other way, this particular pontificate has been very much a pontificate that has given great respect and credence to women, and has built their participation into the structures.’
    • ‘But they have already paid the huge costs of building a complete infrastructure and have built the fees into their rate structures.’
    • ‘Values drive our performance and we have built these values in our performance management system and employee performance is assessed on them.’
    • ‘We take the view that it is unethical to make a profit from incarceration, and that to do so necessarily builds inflationary pressures into the system.’
    • ‘Although he's clearly still at the rules stage of building the structure into this young garden, Conran is impatient to get on with the fun of messing.’
    • ‘Mr Ratcliffe, who operates the facility, regards it as a tool for farmers to build efficiencies into their systems.’
    • ‘That's why the designers of computer vision systems build those assumptions into their programs, and presumably that's why evolution built those assumptions into the design of the visual cortex.’
    • ‘So, as Peter Roberts argues, we need to build a safety culture into our medical system.’
    • ‘They may find an alternative government will decide it would be cheaper to build the capacity into the public system instead.’
    • ‘A technology known as Digital Rights Management is built into the video files so that they are unplayable after a set time.’
    incorporate in, incorporate into, include in, embody in, absorb into, subsume into, assimilate into