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build on

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phrasal verb

  • build on somethingUse something as a basis for further development.

    ‘Britain should build on the talents of its workforce’
    • ‘We do have the basis to build on and are going into the match against Ireland with much more confidence.’
    • ‘In different towns, united coalitions are already being built on the basis of this appeal.’
    • ‘In the U.S. he can do research that builds on the latest developments and can produce work others will draw on.’
    • ‘This film works because it doesn't try to follow trends but builds on the skills that Pegg and the cast have developed in their television careers.’
    • ‘It is a port built on successive waves of immigration from a Babel of nations.’
    • ‘It is a strategic vision for the Aire Valley which builds on what is already there to transform and improve a part of the district which has huge potential.’
    • ‘Vishal builds on this by coming up with one of the most refined scripts ever seen in Bollywood.’
    • ‘As I say, it's an area of my game that's improving all the time and I need to keep building on it.’
    • ‘That is a position which is already beginning to improve and we want to build on that momentum.’
    • ‘The new owners plan to keep expanding the firm and want to build on its reputation.’
    • ‘We now have a solid base to build on and we have the capacity and skills to improve.’
    • ‘This Budget builds on the framework established to support and promote future economic development.’
    • ‘This revision reflects changes and developments over the last year and builds on input from key operational partners.’
    • ‘We are currently developing an educational intervention that builds on these findings.’
    • ‘It builds on the classical results in the calculus developed by Hilbert and his students.’
    • ‘The women develop a real sense of solidarity and gradually build on their spirit of resistance.’
    • ‘You are not developing any understanding that you can build on to teach him other things.’
    • ‘Drucker runs a business empire built on animal cloning technology, and has many enemies.’
    • ‘Scale it up and you can see even entire revolutions being built on top of this shallow base.’
    • ‘Much of their success this term has been built on solid defensive foundations.’
    expand on, enlarge on, develop, elaborate, flesh out, add flesh to, add detail to, embellish, enhance, amplify
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