Meaning of build one's hopes up in English:

build one's hopes up


  • Become ever more hopeful or optimistic about something.

    ‘don't build your hopes up, Julia, you'll only get hurt’
    • ‘We had been building our hopes up of getting into the Premiership, but then had it snatched away from us at the very end.’
    • ‘You know at every stage of in vitro fertilisation that treatment could fail so it's best not to build your hopes up.’
    • ‘I knew I would walk again although I was told not to build my hopes up too high.’
    • ‘Steve was disappointed, but he had been intelligent enough to read between the lines, so he hadn't built his hopes up.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I don't want to get over-excited and build my hopes up but I hope this will change my life.’’
    • ‘After building your hopes up on Friday for an exciting weekend to come I must apologise for disappointing you.’
    • ‘There's nothing I can do without the money and there's no point in getting all excited and building my hopes up and not being able to go at the end of the day.’
    • ‘And I'm trying not to think about reproductive issues - I've been here before building my hopes up only to have them dashed.’
    • ‘Then, when he dared to build his hopes up again after making it back for Scotland's summer tour of the southern hemisphere, he wrecked his ankle in the opening half hour of the trip.’
    • ‘Why do we bother building our hopes up over the England team?’