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Pronunciation /bɪltˈɪn/

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  • 1Forming an integral part of a structure.

    ‘a worktop with a built-in cooker’
    • ‘The apartment also has a home bar set into an alcove, complete with built-in cooler, beer taps and storage shelves.’
    • ‘The built-in flash is very small but is powerful enough to light objects up to 4.8 meters away.’
    • ‘The use of built-in cabinets, wardrobes and work tops is unavoidable to ensure optimal use of space.’
    • ‘The driver is required to blow into the built-in device before fastening the seat belt.’
    • ‘There is also a wooden worktop and cream tiled splashback as well as a built-in Neff cooker and dishwasher.’
    • ‘Upstairs two of the bedrooms have en suite shower rooms and four of the five bedrooms have built-in wardrobes.’
    • ‘The Discam even has a built-in Ethernet port, so you can download your video straight from the camera.’
    • ‘The built-in camera seems good, and will be acid-tested in the next couple of weeks, I'm sure.’
    • ‘There is also a posh built-in webcam for instant video conferencing.’
    • ‘Its built-in video camera will let you and your caller not only hear but also see each other during the call.’
    • ‘Included in the sale are a built-in hob, oven and deep fat fryer along with a washing machine and dishwasher.’
    • ‘The computer will have no built-in hard drives, as storage will be available via the global network.’
    • ‘Nor do I have a paved patio with built-in barbecue or a conservatory.’
    • ‘There is a wide choice of thumb drives with MP3 players and recorders already built-in.’
    • ‘This option will cost from £600 for a built-in table and bench unit in laminate or wood veneer.’
    • ‘The issue of privacy is also shaping technology itself, with many devices having built-in privacy features.’
    • ‘Gadgets with built-in cameras are being banned all over the place.’
    • ‘I came away with a nice new Nokia 6630, which has a good quality camera built-in.’
    • ‘It comes complete with blank video tape, tripod, built-in microphone and adjustable focus.’
    • ‘All three children's bedrooms have overhead galleries with built-in ladders.’
    fitted, fixed, integral, integrated, incorporated, permanent
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    1. 1.1(of a characteristic) inherent; innate.
      ‘the system has a built-in resistance to change’
      • ‘I wonder if doctors have a built-in urge to be deep country doctors just as poets dream they may become deep country poets?’
      • ‘National Express, as the incumbent, should have the built-in advantage of experience.’
      • ‘Research in the life sciences is committed, due to the built-in complexity of the subject under study, to the use of models.’
      • ‘After all, doesn't the myth go that fat people are innately funny; that they have a built-in sense of humour?’
      • ‘It may be that dependence on role models to deliver the informal curriculum has created a built-in resistance to change.’
      • ‘This is not a self-curing problem - no manufacturer knowingly makes cars with built-in faults.’
      • ‘We had a built-in respect for the writer's skill, and today I still wouldn't cross the road without a good script.’
      • ‘So the forms have arrived and the two most important have a built-in confusion factor that I'm finding hard to resolve.’
      • ‘There is a built-in time-lag in doing this, but now we can see the trends of the last two decades, and we don't like what we see.’
      • ‘And second, there is a built-in safeguard to prevent any potential conflict of interest.’
      • ‘We must learn that we have very few built-in measures that sustain our lives.’
      • ‘The built-in fear of making mistakes is elevated proportionally with the number of reincarnations.’
      • ‘A built-in glacial pace of change is probably a good thing, when you think of it.’
      • ‘Architecture with a built-in history has become one of the major attractions in the city.’
      • ‘With the withdrawal of the poster foreseeable, it's an example of built-in obsolescence.’
      • ‘Also new in the second edition is a built-in virtual audience to cheer you on - but no coughing can be heard!’
      • ‘And any event where people have made an effort to follow a theme has a built-in inclusivity.’
      • ‘When the irony comes built-in like that you realize that the opposition isn't even trying.’
      • ‘With its built-in citrus aroma, your friends will surely think you've just come from the beach.’
      • ‘They should not give credence to any self-prophecy with built-in ulterior motives.’
      inherent, intrinsic, incorporated, inseparable, inbuilt
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