Meaning of bulb fly in English:

bulb fly


  • A hoverfly that resembles a bumblebee, with larvae that are pests of daffodil bulbs.

    Merodon equestris, family Syrphidae

    ‘Daffodils may be attacked by bulb flies or the Narcissus nematode, a microscopic organism in the soil.’
    • ‘Insecticides are recommended if you've had an infestation of narcissus bulb flies or gladiolus thrips.’
    • ‘Aphids and bulb flies can be controlled by spraying with sprays such as pest oil, Pyrethrum, Maldison or Rogor.’
    • ‘A few species of syrphid flies, known as bulb flies, develop by feeding on and tunneling into plant tissues.’
    • ‘Regardless, the earlier you can pull your bulbs out, the better the chance that you will avoid bulb flies.’