Meaning of bulimarexic in English:


adjective & noun

mainly US

See bulimarexia

‘In this paper I present clinical observations about the bulimarexic's lack of belief in people's intentions to communicate personally with one another and the affectual communicative function of the spoken word.’
  • ‘The lives of bulimarexics are devoid of fun, humor, and genuine self-pleasure.’
  • ‘Another case study in the book is of a bulimarexic, a person who eats in binges, then forces himself to vomit or purges the food with laxatives.’
  • ‘I'm not sure where people get their stats on the supposed rarity of bulimarexic behavior, or that such behaviors prevent ‘obesity,’ because that certainly doesn't jibe with what researchers are saying.’
  • ‘Calorie Girl explores the day-to-day life and psyche of the bulimarexic as she struggles through setbacks and attempts to recover.’