Meaning of bulk billing in English:

bulk billing


mass nounAustralian
  • The practice, among doctors, of choosing to be paid reduced fees directly by the government rather than bill patients fully and bear the cost of billing.

    ‘we've seen dramatic falls in bulk billing under this government’
    • ‘These doctors are to be located at public hospitals in areas where bulk billing rates are lowest.’
    • ‘Labor outlined a plan to put GPs in hospitals to target the shortage of bulk billing doctors.’
    • ‘There were many reasons why doctors were abandoning bulk billing.’
    • ‘Over 70 percent of all health services that are eligible for government rebates are currently paid for via bulk billing.’
    • ‘A move away from bulk billing by local doctors has made it difficult for low-income earners to access health care according to local patients.’
    • ‘We don't think bulk billing should be compulsory.’
    • ‘Bulk billing remains a key election issue.’
    • ‘It's about trying to ensure that bulk billing is available.’
    • ‘The fall in bulk billing was closely related to tightening supply of medical practitioners.’
    • ‘GPs who rely on bulk billing have welcomed the package.’