Meaning of bulk funding in English:

bulk funding


mass nounNew Zealand
  • Government funding for a school, provided as a lump sum and administered by a school's board of trustees.

    ‘it's a common misconception that teachers can be paid more under bulk funding’
    • ‘I have seen a report advocating the reintroduction of bulk funding for schools.’
    • ‘Bulk funding gave principals the opportunity of catering for individual children's needs.’
    • ‘If we could just go back to bulk funding, we would not need this bill.’
    • ‘Will we see bulk funding or vouchers introduced in education?’
    • ‘Tomorrow's Schools is a disaster, because bulk funding is keeping our schools in debt, neglecting and destroying the basis of our education system.’
    • ‘This would see the provision of bulk funding and incentives for individual teachers.’
    • ‘The one thing we did do at least was to get the bulk funding formula right.’
    • ‘This film would be a great platform for discussion, especially around ideas like how bulk funding has created large class and racial divides in the education sector.’
    • ‘The bulk funding arrangements of the 1990s, while far from perfect, at least gave that school some freedom and flexibility to employ teachers who could really make a difference with their children in that community.’
    • ‘The Greens are entirely opposed to bulk funding, like operational grants, because it frees the Government from its responsibility to fund schools properly.’