Meaning of bulkily in English:



See bulky

‘At this time there were only seven korans in existence, all of them written by hand and bound into no less than sixty Hinzibs each and kept wrapped bulkily in many blankets and stored in large calabash bowls far away in Mecca.’
  • ‘SCS officers noticed a vehicle containing five males, all of whom were bulkily and unseasonally dressed.’
  • ‘Not that I was particularly overweight, but I felt heavier than I wanted, and being ‘of-a-certain-age’ the weight had gathered itself a little bulkily around my tummy.’
  • ‘Squeezing the push-to-talk button felt a bit clumsy, though, with everything hanging bulkily from the Xbox controller.’
  • ‘Rich afternoon light slants into the back of the plane; bulkily clad silhouettes are already rolling fuel drums down onto the dimpled blue ice of the runway.’