Meaning of bull-baiting in English:



mass noun historical
  • The practice of setting dogs to harass a bull, popular as an entertainment in medieval Europe.

    ‘Hare-coursing, cock-fighting, dog-fighting, bull-baiting, bull-running, and prize-fighting were variations on the same theme.’
    • ‘Bear-baiting and bull-baiting were as popular as reality TV shows are today.’
    • ‘But at least when hunting with dogs is banned, this bloodsport can take its place in history alongside cock-fighting and bull-baiting.’
    • ‘‘These dogs were bred for bull-baiting in medieval times,’ Butler explained.’
    • ‘Traditional recreations of the lower classes came increasingly under the disapproving inspection of their social superiors, particularly when, like cock-fighting and bull-baiting, they involved cruelty to animals.’