Meaning of bull mastiff in English:

bull mastiff



  • A dog that is a cross-breed of bulldog and mastiff.

    ‘The bull mastiff cross-breeds tugged her between each other, tearing chunks out of her flesh before turning on their owner and her two young children, witnesses said.’
    • ‘His immediate ancestors are a bull mastiff, a pit bull and a Rottweiler.’
    • ‘It recognised that a policy that insists on equal terms for rich and poor is like pitting a bull mastiff against a chihuahua.’
    • ‘Bear the bull mastiff has already taken five first prizes at dog shows across the South West, countless rosettes, plaques and certificates.’
    • ‘As they were making their way back to their car they crossed the road with one of the dogs but the other, a bull mastiff, was on the grass on the other side.’
    • ‘Testing of two PRA affected animals within a 17th breed, the bull mastiff, revealed one heterozygote and one homozygous normal animal.’
    • ‘Georgina, a nine-year-old bull mastiff, squeezed through the doors of Abbeydale Vets, Preston New Road, Blackburn, in February after the owners became concerned about her weight.’
    • ‘The three-year-old bull mastiff then unwittingly found herself at the centre of an investigation into the murder of former boxer Brian Keating - but was finally reunited with her original owners thanks to the police.’
    • ‘She was playing with the bull mastiff in the back garden of her home in Greenroyd Avenue, Breightmet, when the dog suddenly attacked, biting her several times on her face and upper body.’
    • ‘This was found to be necessary following the near judicial destruction of a bull mastiff called Buster whose owner had removed his muzzle so that the ill dog could vomit without choking.’
    • ‘The photo is of singer Siobhan Parr with her bull mastiff, Alfie.’
    • ‘A schoolboy mauled by an out-of-control bull mastiff is recovering after a four-hour operation on his injuries.’
    • ‘Even Bob, the bull mastiff who plays Agent 11, seems embarrassed by the proceedings.’
    • ‘The two-year-old girl was attacked at her home in Greenroyd Avenue, Bolton, and bitten seven times on the face by the bull mastiff.’
    • ‘A girl suffered terrible injuries to her face and head after she was pinned to the ground and mauled by a bull mastiff dog.’
    • ‘Police are trying to establish what may have caused a bull mastiff terrier to turn on its owner in Dunedin.’
    • ‘Which, after a brief but unnerving encounter with the pub dog (4ft high bull mastiff which had a go at me at me in the carpark), we proceeded to do.’
    • ‘He filled the injury down-time by buying a racehorse, Leitrim Rock, then selling it 18 months ago - ‘It was no good, and costing too much’ - and replacing it with £600-worth of bull mastiff named Winny.’
    • ‘He said the family's bull mastiff attacked the gunman, biting him, so the offender shot the dog dead.’
    • ‘Alongside familiar pop stars, footballers and Hollywood stars the Calendar Club stall offered buyers the chance to spend the next 12 months with sea otters, sunflowers, or, for those of a hardier disposition, bull mastiffs.’