Meaning of Bullamakanka in English:


Pronunciation /ˌbʊləməˈkaŋkə/


(also Bullabakanka)
informal Australian
  • A humorous name for any remote place, especially one considered backward.

    • ‘they started producing wines in the back of Bullamakanka’
    • ‘Writers shared this sense of relegation to Bullamakanka.’
    • ‘In a bygone era, the local team - be it in the suburbs or out at Bullamakanka - would huddle in the change rooms waiting apprehensively for the announcement of the "teams" for Saturday.’
    • ‘You ride at Bullamakanka and you want to come to town and bag the tracks here.’
    • ‘Then Guvnor Smith from Bullamakanka says they will cut in November and all bets are off again.’
    • ‘Looking at this place, I'd rather be in Bullamakanka.’
    • ‘I can tell it's from Bullamakanka, just to the left of the Black Stump in the Back of Beyond.’
    • ‘You can be driving through the middle of nowhere and find a sign which states that you're now in the City of Bullamakanka.’
    • ‘He lives in Bullamakanka because he likes being a big frog in a little puddle.’
    • ‘If you are growing wines in the back of Bullamakanka, it is hard to get people to accept them with that kind of name on them.’
    • ‘A young vet should take a single-vet practice at Bullamakanka, in my view.’


1940s a fanciful coinage, perhaps derived from the pidgin phrase bulla macow ‘cattle, bully beef’.