Meaning of bullate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊleɪt/


  • Covered with rounded swellings like blisters.

    ‘Adult leaf: often entire, mid-green blade, involute, slightly bullate and crinkled, very little pigment in the veins.’
    • ‘The distinguishing characteristic of this species is the extremely bullate leaves.’
    • ‘Paranephelius is composed of acaulescent herbs with showy, yellow capitula, sessile in the center of a basal rosette of leaves, often with bullate leaf surfaces.’
    • ‘Nautilocalyx pemphidius High Resolution Another plant that is usually seen grown for its dark bullate foliage.’
    • ‘The leaves are stalked, have a serrated outline, covered with stiff hair and their shape is ovoid and broad or bullate, hence the origin of species name (bullatus).’


Mid 18th century from Latin bullatus, from Latin bulla ‘bubble’.