Meaning of bulleted in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊlɪtɪd/

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  • (of items in a list) preceded by a printed bullet or bullet point.

    ‘conveying the same information in a bulleted list can have a better impact on people who are visiting your website’
    • ‘You can also use keyboard characters to create an automatic bulleted list.’
    • ‘The list button with bullets creates a bulleted list.’
    • ‘In designing an application, we start with a plain-English description of the overall process, using nothing more than bulleted lists.’
    • ‘Work History detail should have been bulleted under each previous employer.’
    • ‘I dreamed I lived in a tight little world where bulleted lists of goals encapsulated each day.’
    • ‘By special formatting I mean bold, italics, in bulleted lists, in tags, etc.’
    • ‘Nothing can be more annoying than to see bulleted text arrive animated with a 'whoosh' sound.’
    • ‘Just try inserting bulleted text to see what I mean.’
    • ‘Most of the microscopic images have a bulleted list of features, which are active links, on the right side of the screen.’
    • ‘Double-clicking bulleted text in a password field selects all the bullets in the text field.’
    • ‘Use bulleted lists for items in no necessary order; numbered lists, for items in a required order.’
    • ‘Use bulleted list to communicate the benefits of your product or service.’
    • ‘This specifies the bullet character to be used on all first-level bulleted lists.’
    • ‘This chapter is essentially a bibliography, organized loosely by bulleted points to help focus our attention.’
    • ‘Instead we had lots of bulleted powerpoint slides.’
    • ‘The first of our two problems is that these pages are basically composed of bulleted links into each respective event.’
    • ‘Dealers can also print "tag copy," straightforward and bulleted answers about each tool.’
    • ‘Everything between here and the next subhead is all part of this last bulleted item.’
    • ‘Employers will typically glance over the entire presentation first, taking notice of bulleted items that jump off the page to compare you to other candidates.’
    • ‘Many of said summaries come in the form of bulleted points which makes for increased emphasis now and easy reference later.’