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Pronunciation /ˈbʊlhɛd/

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  • 1A small mainly freshwater Eurasian fish of the sculpin family, with a broad flattened head and spiny fins.

    Genera Cottus and Taurulus, family Cottidae: three species

    ‘Johansson and Englund studied a waiting game between bullheads (Cottus gobio; a predatory fish) and case-making caddis fly larvae.’
    • ‘Hundreds of bullheads and stoneloach, 49 trout and one eel were among the fish killed in Lockholme Beck, a tributary of Scandal Beck, at Ravenstonedale, near Kirkby Stephen.’
    • ‘Other species caught included a handful of pike up to about five pounds in weight and a single chub, plus minnows and bullheads too numerous to count.’
    • ‘Each time a song sounds an alarm, another style comes drifting in, sometimes extolling the moonlight or the joys of a ‘sugar coated rhyme’ or the simple pleasures of fishing for bullheads.’
    • ‘It has been suggested, by Marconato et al., that the male river bullhead is forced to eat the eggs simply in order to stay alive while brooding.’
    • ‘The 40-mile stretch of the River Ure includes important game fisheries with trout, grayling and even salmon, but there are worries that many less well-known species such as the ruffe and bullhead are in decline.’
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    (also bullhead catfish)
    An American freshwater catfish.

    Genus Ictalurus, family Ictaluridae: several species

    ‘In Florida, the diet was comprised mainly of fishes, with gizzard shad, bullhead catfish, and small bluegill particularly common.’
    • ‘In isolated enterocytes of black bullhead catfish, for instance, GLP - 1 application leads to substantial and dose-dependent increases in the capacity for glucose transport, as does exposure of the cells to glucagon.’
    • ‘They are usually too soft to withstand the attentions of small fish such as roach and small bream, as well as crayfish and the bullhead catfish.’
    • ‘It could possibly be confused with the rare bullhead catfish which has eight barbules, compared to the six barbules of the wels.’
    • ‘Also, freshwater prey species such as bullheads and catfish are more active nocturnally than diurnally and thus should be more available as prey.’
    • ‘All but five of the species (brown bullhead, yellow bullhead, white sucker, American eel, and banded killifish) described in this article were uncommon in northeastern lakes, occurring in 8% of sampled lakes.’
    • ‘The state's inland lakes and streams also teem with fish, including panfish, gamefish, and bullhead, catfish and carp.’
    • ‘Banded killifish, American eel, and yellow bullhead were collected in 26%, 19% and 17% of sampled lakes respectively.’
    • ‘However, brown bullhead in the same study showed some resistance to the deleterious effects of mill effluents.’
    • ‘Three impoundments are stocked with bluegill sunfish and brown bullhead and partially drained to an appropriate depth for stork foraging during the late summer months.’
    • ‘However, in the first part of the 20th century bullheads were regularly stocked as a warm water sport fish in New England, and currently some catfishes are introduced for sport fishing (e.g., white catfish).’
    • ‘Finally, green sunfish, carp, rock bass, and bullheads are all undesirable.’
    • ‘Whereas bullheads (Ameiurus sp.) and flathead catfish are evenly represented in the hand-collected sample, the flotation sample indicates that small bullheads were most commonly eaten.’
    • ‘They were from a ‘nursery’ school of bullheads harvested in mid- to late summer, possibly as late as September or early October.’
    • ‘She amuses herself by holding her feet very still until bullheads come to nibble at her ankles.’
    • ‘Fortner and Pickford found that cortisol increased plasma chloride levels in hypophysectomized black bullhead, and that both prolactin and cortisol were necessary to maintain normal ion homeostatsis under isosmotic conditions.’
    • ‘The usual length of this moderate-sized bullhead is 20 to 36 cm.’
    • ‘Finally, there's a shot of my two daughters, arms around each others’ necks, proudly displaying a puny little bullhead that got tangled in their line while fishing off the Berkeley pier.’
    • ‘Most of the fish collected were small (such as sunfish and minnows), but taxa collected also included redhorse, bass, and bullhead.’