Meaning of bullheaded in English:


Pronunciation /bʊlˈhɛdɪd/

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  • Determined in an obstinate and unthinking way.

    ‘a bullheaded belief that she is right’
    • ‘As quiet as he is off the ice, he's a stubborn, bullheaded Irishman when they blow the whistle to start the game.’
    • ‘Indeed, his serial attacks on certain subjects, be they flowering trees or allegories of encroaching blindness, suggest a bullheaded tenacity.’
    • ‘Yes, weak, that was the only word Adam could think of to describe what this strong, bullheaded teenager looked like at that particular moment.’
    • ‘All they have is their stubborn bullheaded desire to one-up each other.’
    • ‘Nick is also insensitive, chauvinistic, bullheaded and crass.’
    • ‘Mike was bullheaded and he was gonna do it his way.’
    • ‘You Americans can be bullheaded, stupid and crazy.’
    • ‘Next, they should - to paraphrase Shakespeare - kill all the consultants (and, while they're at it, do away with the bullheaded pollsters, too).’
    • ‘Within the sanctified walls of Burton Snowboards, which puts on the U.S. Open, the posture toward the Olympics remains more bullheaded than bullish.’
    • ‘It is a beautifully shot story that makes both sides of the conflict look equally bullheaded.’
    • ‘But, hard work and a bullheaded attitude pay off in the long run.’
    • ‘But it is more tragic when someone dies because they have nowhere to go, than when only their own bullheaded stupidity is to blame.’
    • ‘But stigma is an understandable attempt to deal with the fact that people do all kinds of lousy or naive or bullheaded things.’
    • ‘New London may have proceeded in a bullheaded fashion, and ideally voters can evict officeholders who behave that way.’
    • ‘If we back down, we'll lose credibility, but if we go to war we'll look like bullheaded unilateralists.’
    • ‘Beef producers are bullheaded in recommending beef and beefing up scientific evidences to prove their point.’
    • ‘They are bullheaded enough, hard-line enough for their own ideological prejudices to carry the day in the end.’
    • ‘Given the bullheaded quality of recent events, this looks pretty scary to the rest of the world.’
    • ‘I'm very bullheaded, I get too fired-up about stuff, and it was apparent I needed to step away from that role.’
    • ‘I might be bullheaded and a little rash, but I'm not stupid, Harry.’
    stubborn, headstrong, wilful, unyielding, inflexible, unbending, intransigent, intractable, obdurate, mulish, stubborn as a mule, pig-headed, bull-headed, self-willed, strong-minded, strong-willed, contrary, perverse, recalcitrant, refractory, uncooperative, unmanageable, cross-grained, stiff-necked, stiff, rigid, steely, iron-willed, uncompromising, implacable, relentless, unrelenting, unpersuadable, immovable, unmalleable, unshakeable, inexorable, with one's feet dug in, with one's toes dug in, persistent, persevering, tenacious, pertinacious, dogged, single-minded, adamant, firm, steadfast, determined