Meaning of bullion knot in English:

bullion knot


  • A decorative stitch in embroidery made by winding the thread several times round the needle before sewing a backstitch.

    ‘This rose was stitched during a seminar that taught us how to make bullion knots and pulled stitches.’
    • ‘The small fairy on the white background is stitched in split stitch and has bullion knot hair.’
    • ‘For those who delight in the versatility of the bullion knot, here is a project that you will love!’
    • ‘Lyn shows you how to coax bullion knots into gentle scallops for an appealing edge finish on infant garments.’
    • ‘They are also good in counted thread and other embroidery for making French knots and bullion knots.’
    • ‘Pull the thread through until the bullion knot lies flat.’
    • ‘In some of her kits she has included French and bullion knots as well as straight stitch, couching and stem stitch and also silver and gold thread.’
    • ‘If your bullion knots have become squashed out of shape when a garment comes out of the dryer, moisten a cotton swab and wet down the flower petal and mold it into a nice shape.’
    • ‘It is unclear to me if these are bullion knots or beads sewn on.’
    • ‘In the top right hand corner a buttonhole variation is topped with alternating combinations of cast on stitch and bullion knots worked in a hand dyed cotton thread.’
    • ‘Practice making bullion knots with a light colored #5 pearl cotton, a #22 tapestry needle, a laying tool, and 18-ct. canvas.’
    • ‘The foreground has a rich texture of bullion knots and fly stitch.’
    • ‘Now take a stitch through the fabric the length of the finished bullion knot and wrap the thread around the needle as many times as required.’
    • ‘Button-hole stitch needle lace, bullion knots, beads, seed pearls, coral, paste, diamonds, spangles and mica were all utilised to give a three dimensional effect.’
    • ‘The bullion knot roses are 2 of my first ever and one I accidentally switched the thread colors around, it's supposed to go darkest to lightest.’
    • ‘It is worked on an even weave linen with a perle threads and involves four sided stitch, padded raised stem band, several buttonhole stitch techniques, bullion knots amongst others.’
    • ‘A bullion knot is sort of an elongated French knot.’
    • ‘Neat bullion knots are achieved by using the eye of the needle to even the twists while pulling the bullion knot into place.’
    • ‘Among the skills to be learned are: preparation of the fabric for stitching, a slip-stitch hem, 4-sided stitch border, preparing the lace pattern for use, a padded roll, foundation bars, buttonhole circles and bars, bullion knot rosette, corner embellishments and a bullion knot edging.’
    • ‘Stitches used - Alternating satin stitch, stem stitch, bullion, cast-on, up-down cast-on, pistil stitch, French knots, combination cast-on stitch and bullion knot, wrapped chain and stem stitch Intermediate Level’