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bully boy


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  • A tough, aggressive man.

    as modifier ‘bully-boy tactics’
    • ‘A spokesman for the FBU said: ‘There was spontaneous action by individual firefighters angered at the bully-boy tactics of local managers.’’
    • ‘Irish Ferries, if successful with their bully-boy tactics, will serve as a precedent for every unscrupulous employer to force down wages in a race to the bottom.’
    • ‘This would be an alternative more mature and sustainable than its bully-boy tactics.’
    • ‘Just to express some concern about his bully-boy tactics was enough to tar someone as unpatriotic.’
    • ‘He has a bit of a reputation as a hothead; working at a bully-boy network apparently does little for the disposition.’
    • ‘The bully-boy gangsters did their best to derail the forces of law and order but failed thanks to special precautions taken by the police.’
    • ‘When Gracie's father joins the navy and her mother falls sick, the child doesn't get enough to eat, and Daniel lives in fear of his ignorant bully-boy brother, big Tim.’
    • ‘I call upon the eight New Zealand vice-chancellors to stand firm and not give in to these bully-boy tactics.’
    • ‘They're using bully-boy tactics to get me to bow out,’ she said.’
    • ‘The second document is a press release from the Auckland chamber of commerce 2 days later, stating that Auckland's transport crisis needs actions, not bully-boy slogging.’
    • ‘And as much as the media might like to portray some sort of bully-boy image that is not the reality for most people who work in the construction industry.’
    • ‘Ms O'Shea said the letter was a bully-boy and intimidatory tactic.’
    • ‘No I think the idea of penalising families because some of them haven't reached particular benchmarks - taking money away from them - is a bully boy tactic.’
    • ‘They are the local heroes - people who took a stand against noisy neighbours, vandals and bully boys.’
    • ‘So why was he forced out by the bully-boy from Scotland?’
    • ‘He is a tremendous bully-boy when he wants to be.’
    • ‘He has been the arch bully-boy and now he is paying the price for past deeds.’
    • ‘This may be deplored as a bully's triumph; but lesser bully boys everywhere have taken note of it and thus to a limited, probably temporary extent, it has worked.’
    • ‘It almost looks as though they are bully boys, deliberately trying to get political parties to fight among themselves.’
    • ‘You have made us see the light and we recognise that we're a bunch of bully boys who think we can get away with anything.’
    persecutor, oppressor, tyrant, tormentor, browbeater, intimidator, coercer, subjugator, crybully