Meaning of bum rap in English:

bum rap


in singular
  • 1mainly North American informal A false charge, typically one leading to imprisonment.

    • ‘I knew they were getting a bum rap, but they had no defenders that day.’
    • ‘Lay, Skilling, and Fastow, as well as the folks at Andersen, have gotten a bum rap.’
    • ‘Speaking of bum rap, the Seminole County judge, they ranted to recuse her.’
    1. 1.1An unfair judgement on someone or something.
      ‘the industry often gets a bum rap for being dishonest’
      • ‘Now, why does it get - I hate to get off on this tangent - but just why does Scientology get bum raps so much?’
      • ‘He's taken nothing but bum raps on every decision he's made about Vietnam.’
      • ‘You know, it's a great way to communicate, especially instrumental music, which gets a bum rap.’
      • ‘I'd say he had a bum rap as being a tough person to interview.’
      • ‘Teraoka says he feels Eve has gotten a bum rap over the centuries as the instigator of mankind's sorrows.’
      • ‘Carbs have gotten a bum rap because research shows that lower-carbohydrate diets are effective for obese individuals, who are extremely overweight and seldom exercise.’
      • ‘Many in the iron game would be surprised to learn that fruit has gotten a bum rap in bodybuilding circles.’
      • ‘I was shocked that something as totally delightful as motherhood could have gotten such a bum rap.’
      • ‘The poinsettia, everyone's favorite holiday plant, has gotten a bum rap for a number of years.’
      • ‘What a bum rap sodium, commonly known as plain old salt, has been given.’
      • ‘I'd like to tell you a story about a good friend of mine, one of the nicest guys I've ever met, who simply got a bum rap in the press.’
      • ‘They insist that the industry is getting a bum rap - that criticisms are based more on perception than reality.’
      • ‘I tell you, they have taken a bum rap, because when the final chapter is written, they were us, and we were just fine with them.’
      • ‘Craig Knowles, a wildlife consultant in Boulder, Montana, who has mapped many prairie dog towns across the West, says the animal got a bum rap from the early researchers.’
      • ‘What a bum rap cheese has taken.’
      • ‘At least one good piece of evidence suggests that tarring liberals as the eggheads around here is a bum rap.’
      • ‘People called him cold and impersonal off-camera, but I think that was a bum rap.’
      • ‘As we all have heard, the bum rap on Los Angeles is that it is too big and sprawling; it has no center and one has to spend all one's time in the car.’
      • ‘They get a bum rap, and have had a rough time historically.’
      • ‘All in all, Grant's administration gets a bum rap.’