Meaning of bumbledom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌmbldəm/


mass noun
  • Officious and pompous behaviour by minor officials.

    ‘a vast increase in bureaucracy, pen-pushing, and bumbledom’
    • ‘He set himself the task of characterizing "rounded" global bureaucrats less prone to Bumbledom in his utopias.’
    • ‘I must say that it is with special shame and indignation that one protests against this notable piece of Bumbledom.’
    • ‘Too many foreign residents are finding that paradise has a high price and that incessant bumbledom is putting a damper on enjoying their retirement.’
    • ‘It is a very sad day caused by bumbledom.’
    • ‘The letter was, to me, the best example of Bumbledom I have come across for a long time.’
    red tape, rules and regulations, etiquette, protocol, officialdom, paperwork, unnecessary paperwork


Mid 19th century from the name of Bumble, the beadle in Dickens's Oliver Twist, + -dom.