Meaning of bummed in English:


Pronunciation /bʌmd/

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(also bummed out)
informal North American usually predicative
  • Annoyed, upset, or disappointed.

    • ‘she was really bummed out that she never got to meet you’
    • ‘given the foot-tapping music, a lot of people were bummed about not being able to dance’
    • ‘The Monday after I was fired, I was feeling pretty bummed out.’
    • ‘When you're feeling bummed out, the solution is not to keep your feelings bottled up.’
    • ‘But it's not a cheery film, and not one that does you any favours if you're feeling a bit bummed.’
    • ‘Even some of our fans were kind of bummed.’
    • ‘He was pretty bummed out that she was engaged.’
    • ‘The emergency dentist was bummed for me.’
    • ‘Right now I'm still kinda bummed out about this whole thing with Cam.’
    • ‘Anyway she was really bummed out that she never got to meet you.’
    • ‘"I was totally bummed and completely frustrated," he says.’
    • ‘She's bummed, but she understands.’
    • ‘It's Friday morning and I'm super bummed out.’
    • ‘I was bummed out, but I know you can't make someone love you.’
    • ‘I enjoyed walking around and popping into cake shops (pastelarias), but was bummed that nearly all the retail stores were closed because it was Sunday.’
    • ‘I have to tell you, I was pretty bummed out to see some of these shows make the list.’
    • ‘I was bummed when I first saw the illustrations.’
    • ‘I'm just bummed I didn't make the final.’
    • ‘I don't know why I'm so bummed out right now.’
    • ‘He filled the club to capacity on a Wednesday and no one was bummed out when he played stuff from his new album.’