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bump into

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phrasal verb

  • bump into someoneMeet someone by chance.

    ‘I bumped into her on the way back from the hospital’
    • ‘we bumped into each other in a coffee shop in Brooklyn’
    • ‘There is little chance of casually bumping into people, and I can see why stars who crave anonymity choose to live here.’
    • ‘Because of my disfigured body I chose to swim when there was no chance of bumping into anyone I knew.’
    • ‘By chance he bumped into her again that night at another pub and worked up the courage to speak with her.’
    • ‘By chance I happened to bump into the two gentlemen in one of our local establishments.’
    • ‘It was great fun and a chance to bump into a few names and faces from the past.’
    • ‘Then imagine bumping into the players by chance afterwards to tell them exactly what you thought of their display.’
    • ‘The two of them bumped into each other completely by chance, which sparked the talks for the documentary film.’
    • ‘As chance would have it, he bumped into him one day in Parliament Street.’
    • ‘We've never met, though someday if we do bump into each other we'll manage to get someone to buy us both a drink.’
    • ‘At the train station, she bumps into her ex-husband Bruno, Viktor's father, by chance.’
    • ‘Isabelle met Calissa at the Astoria Mall to avoid bumping into anyone she may know.’
    • ‘I had tried to bump into Roland whenever I got the chance and he had done the same.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Sadie bumps into Sam and he tells her he is going to be a dad.’
    • ‘Professor Albeit is about a professor who wants to be a magician but is unhappily stuck teaching mathematics, till he bumps into a beautiful woman.’
    • ‘But, within minutes, he bumps into a local retired poetry teacher.’
    • ‘But his complacency comes to an end when he bumps into his childhood piano teacher, who encourages him to audition for him.’
    • ‘After 20 years of drudgery to pay off the loan, she bumps into her rich friend and finally confesses the truth, only to be told that the lost necklace was a fake.’
    • ‘The film, which features local acting talent, was shot in Temple Hill in 2003, and is about a poor single mum who bumps into an old flame.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, when she actually bumps into him, she is left with a feeling, whether it is still a daydream or sure reality.’
    • ‘He comes to a reception with his wife, but leaves with another woman - an old friend who bumps into him at the party.’
    meet, meet by chance, encounter, meet up with, run into, come across, run across, chance on, stumble across, stumble on, happen on
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