Meaning of bump stock in English:

bump stock


  • A device that can be attached to a semi-automatic firearm in place of a conventional gunstock, enabling it to fire bullets more rapidly.

    ‘police suspect he attached a bump stock to his weapons’
    • ‘The presence of a modified bump stock rifle may hold a clue to how a large number of rounds were fired in quick succession. ’
    • ‘The bump stock causes the gun's recoil to press against the shooter's finger after each shot, firing rounds much more quickly than possible by pulling it manually.’
    • ‘Some 23 guns were found inside the hotel room, some equipped with scopes, along with two ‘bump stocks’ which allow semi-automatic weapons to be fired continuously.’
    • ‘While fully automatic machine guns are illegal, bump stocks are perfectly legal and can be ordered online for as little as $100.’
    • ‘The added lethality of a bump stock is grotesque: the shooter appeared to fire as many as 90 bullets in 10 seconds.’
    • ‘The shots pummeled the gathering of 22,000 people with devastating speed, due to the help of bump stocks.’
    • ‘Some gun retailers frown on bump stocks because they make guns prone to jamming, inaccurate, and difficult to control.’
    • ‘Without bump stocks, he still could have killed dozens of people with his weapons, but the toll might have been lower.’
    • ‘The Justice Department announced a review of bump stocks to determine whether weapons using them should be considered illegal machine-guns under federal law.’
    • ‘The 55-page proposal said it was redefining machine guns to include bump stocks because such devices allow a shooter to initiate a continuous firing cycle.’