Meaning of bumper car in English:

bumper car


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another term for dodgem
‘We went on every ride on the boardwalk, from the Tilt-O'-Whirl to the bumper cars to the merry-go-round.’
  • ‘For the rest of the morning the four of them went on rollercoasters, bumper cars and all the extreme rides that they saw.’
  • ‘Zack loves the motion, noise and excitement of a fair, but the only rides he ventures on are fun houses and the occasional bumper cars (with me driving).’
  • ‘I even dream of a water slide area, like the one at Laguna Mar in Margarita and go-cart, bumper cars, Ferris wheel and roller-coaster areas.’
  • ‘Aside from a mini train, the traffic garden also has a draaimolen (merry-go-round), a swimming pool, a child care center and an arena for cycling and bumper cars.’
  • ‘The Stars Wheel, bumper cars, jumping boats, labyrinth, two-storey roundabout, crazy house and musical express are another part of the park.’
  • ‘Pick something you both dig, like bumper cars or a nature hike.’
  • ‘She glanced at the line of people waiting for the bumper cars.’
  • ‘Its atmosphere ranges from the elegant to the ridiculous, from white tie and tails to barbecue and bumper cars.’
  • ‘My friends went on the bumper cars, but couldn't convince me to come along.’
  • ‘For those who require a little excitement, there is a small amusement park that offers bumper cars for all ages and rides for the kids.’
  • ‘Noah spots a young woman on the bumper cars, laughing with abandon - who is that?’
  • ‘It always seems that a bunch of men get together on the bumper cars and take great joy in bashing each other to bits for the entire day!’
  • ‘The bumper cars, near the entrance, appeared to be an excellent way to pass the time between queueing for the bigger rides.’
  • ‘A funfair has cancelled a visit to London after being told that its bumper cars would have to pay the congestion charge.’
  • ‘I saw my crush in line for the bumper cars at the fair, so I went to talk to him after the ride.’
  • ‘We've got roller coasters of death, water slides of misery, bumper cars of terror, and all the amusement park madness you can handle!’
  • ‘Well since we are already here, why don't we start with the bumper cars?’
  • ‘For ten bucks, we could do bumper cars, mini golf, laser tag, and the play-place.’
  • ‘The bumper cars were very enjoyable but also quite painful, because the students were bouncing from side to side as they got hit.’