Meaning of bumper sticker in English:

bumper sticker

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  • A label carrying a slogan or advertisement fixed to a vehicle's bumper.

    ‘That was not, needless to say, a slogan made-to-order for bumper stickers.’
    • ‘It becomes a slogan on t-shirts, bumper stickers and Blogs across America.’
    • ‘Most New Yorkers appear to fall somewhere between the most liberal and conservative slogans of the car bumper stickers.’
    • ‘Are there bumper stickers on the vehicles that you drive or that your spouse drives?’
    • ‘So I want you to write the slogan for my bumper sticker.’
    • ‘That includes a media campaign with gas station signage, bumper stickers on project vehicles and increased patrols.’
    • ‘It would also be an opportunity to sell in-car cup holders or hand out bumper stickers for some free advertising.’
    • ‘Remove those bumper stickers or license plate frames on your cars that remind you of a lifestyle you wish to leave behind.’
    • ‘The aim is to come up with the tag line for a bumper sticker which perfectly describes your view of the European Union.’
    • ‘Or get some fabric paints and coin a T-shirt slogan that's worthy of a bumper sticker.’