Meaning of bumptious in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌm(p)ʃəs/

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  • Irritatingly self-assertive.

    ‘an impossibly bumptious and opinionated ass’
    • ‘This bumptious charlatan then presumes to lecture others on issues of morality and governance.’
    • ‘When the bill arrived at one table of four, one particularly bumptious oaf grabbed it, held it aloft, and started braying to his companions: ‘Guess how much!’’
    • ‘Can I say that about content on my own site without sounding bumptious?’
    • ‘Buster will be in Edinburgh again this year, more bumptious than ever, because the bestseller - as well as being translated into German, French, Italian and Magyar - is now available in Japanese.’
    • ‘I followed my climbing partner, a bumptious 56-year-old Catholic priest from Glasgow, Scotland, up our fourth alpine face in three days.’
    • ‘To me it also leaves open whether he actually did think it was a good book but didn't want to sound bumptious.’
    • ‘And the Jersey driver remains a prominent folk devil all over the Northeast: bumptious, heedless, hostile and barely competent.’
    • ‘No, that was an era full of bumptious government employees and crazed moralistic zealots forever threatening to incarcerate the peasantry, largely on some kind of trumped up charge or other.’
    • ‘He came as a bumptious outsider to the Alberta Tories but soon elbowed his way to the top, winning the leadership as a rookie MP.’
    • ‘And the authorities can't be fooled into making bumptious statements because they're all media-savvy now.’
    • ‘This bumptious bloke is either a nonentity or is likely to be a nuisance - never heard of his name among the boss's acquaintances.’
    • ‘He is, accordingly, by turns bumptious, diffident, selfish, generous, thoughtless, befuddled and acute.’
    • ‘He was rude, aggressive, invasive and just about as bumptious a little man as it's ever been my misfortune to meet.’
    • ‘At the time of Britpop, he appeared just another brash and bumptious pop star with plenty of flash and attitude.’
    • ‘In fact, they seem determined to recreate the bawdy, bumptious atmosphere of a redneck boozer.’
    • ‘Personally I deal with bumptious chuckleheads with attitudes like this every day.’
    • ‘We may be perky and bumptious and relatively youthful, but a lot of us are quite tired of working.’
    • ‘And even if Mozart was an often bumptious prankster, I cannot buy Shaffer's unhinged buffoon, especially when Michael Sheen, camping sky-high, is disgraceful in the early clownish sequences and creepy in the later pathetic ones.’
    • ‘Graeme Kent tells the story of how more than 30 fighters - the Great White Hopes, though most of them were no more than second-rate brawlers - who tried to dump the bumptious champion on his backside only to suffer that fate themselves.’
    self-important, conceited, arrogant, self-assertive, full of oneself, puffed up, swollen-headed, pompous, overbearing, opinionated, self-opinionated, cocky, swaggering, strutting, presumptuous, forward, imperious, domineering, pontificating, sententious, grandiose, affected, stiff, vain, haughty, overweening, proud, egotistic, egotistical
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Early 19th century humorously from bump, on the pattern of fractious.