Meaning of bun foot in English:

bun foot

nounbun feet

  • A foot in the shape of a flattened sphere, used for chairs, tables, or other furniture in the late 17th century.

    ‘The gadrooned column and lobed bun feet of the games table illustrated in Figure 5 are typical of the heavy silhouettes associated with the late 1820s and the 1830s, and the use of ebony or ebonized wood emphasizes these elements.’
    • ‘My best find was two Victorian chairs with mahogany bun feet that had been dumped in a builder's skip.’
    • ‘Thus, we know that bun feet preceded bracket feet and that through dovetails were succeeded by lapped dovetails.’
    • ‘If you would prefer to use this cupboard on the floor, we can attach tiny bun feet to the base.’
    • ‘If you are trying for a simpler look, this bun foot is also available in an un-fluted version.’
    • ‘He first paints the bun foot white, adding red stripes for the look of a peppermint candy.’
    • ‘The Premium feet are slightly more, but do not have the minor blemishes sometimes found in bun feet.’
    • ‘Our tradition of fine craftsmanship continues in our collection of wood table legs and bun feet.’
    • ‘Orient the vase with the bun foot against the drive center.’
    • ‘The couch has white gold bun feet and ostrich feather throw pillows.’
    • ‘Columns and bun feet are offered as whole parts, or split.’
    • ‘For more bun feet selections see our other offering for bun feet.’
    • ‘We have sold over 2 million of these sofa legs and bun feet to-date.’
    • ‘Styles A, B, C and D all come with a hanger bolt installed in top of the bun foot.’
    • ‘Hi - I bought one of those granite counter vanities with a sink for an amazing price because it was missing the bun feet.’
    • ‘Bun feet can be ordered with or without a hanger bolt.’