Meaning of bunch grass in English:

bunch grass


mass nounNorth American
  • A grass that grows in clumps.

    Schizachyrium and other genera, family Gramineae: several species, especially S. scoparium, used for grazing and in erosion control, especially on the Great Plains

    ‘Think of the two halves of Iron Creek: on the desiccated west side grow sagebrush and prickly pear, on the well-managed east side grow prairie June Grass, needle and thread, western wheatgrass, blue bunch grass, and many other species.’
    • ‘Perennial ryegrass is a bunch grass suitable for hay, silage, or pasture.’
    • ‘Control of a non-native plant, the sandbur weed, has been very effective in restoring the duck's nesting habitat, which includes native bunch grass.’
    • ‘Festuca arizonica, Arizona fescue, in the subfamily Pooidaceae, is a dense, perennial bunch grass that reproduces primarily by seed and is native and widespread in the Southwest.’
    • ‘The pace is deliberately slow to give the llamas time to nip the spiky bunch grass along the way.’
    • ‘Dennis had waded through the bunch grass and cactus and walked home before the EMS and police came.’
    • ‘Ponderosa pine spire a ridge lush in some of the best native bunch grass habitat I have ever seen.’