Meaning of bundu in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʊnduː/


the bundu
  • (in South Africa and Zimbabwe) the wilds; a distant or wilderness region.

    ‘But I'd be happy anywhere that was my own, paid-for piece of land, preferably out in the bundus (sticks, bush, less-inhabited areas).’
    • ‘So a self-sustaining lifestyle out in the bundus (middle of nowhere) is ideal for me.’
    • ‘It does not help to build classrooms in the rural bundu, as has been the case, if the children of that bundu are fleeing rural poverty for urban poverty, stretching classrooms and teachers to the limit.’
    • ‘As a bundu boy this certainly confirms that I have reached a peak in my career and also puts pressure on me to maintain this level.’
    wilds, wastes, uninhabited region, inhospitable region, uncultivated region, badlands


Probably from Shona bundo ‘grasslands’.