Meaning of bunny rug in English:

bunny rug


Australian, New Zealand
  • A small, lightweight blanket used as a cover or wrap for a baby.

    ‘don't use your baby's bunny rug for the floor’
    • ‘For many people photographs are the ideal record to show a growing family, from naked on the bunny rug, to first communion, to marriage.’
    • ‘She had one arm free from her bunny rug.’
    • ‘I find her sitting on the bunny rug with three storybooks.’
    • ‘In The Aussie Bible, the Virgin Mary is a "pretty special sheila" who wraps her nipper in a bunny rug.’
    • ‘I had lain her on her bunny rug on the floor for a few minutes to kick her legs.’
    • ‘Cradle Mountain is clothed in a bunny rug of cloud.’
    • ‘Her little hand came free of the bunny rug and she reached up to me.’
    • ‘Bunched little fists escaped the bunny rug she was wrapped in.’
    • ‘A nurse brought the baby girl wrapped in her white bunny rug.’
    • ‘She replaced the damp towel with a warm bunny rug over them both.’