Meaning of buntline in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌntlʌɪn/


  • A line for restraining the loose centre of a sail while it is furled.

    ‘Max MacLeod made the trip on the Jean de la Lune and found the experience bracing: Let go buntlines and clews!’
    • ‘Reporter, Claire Moriarty, finds herself all at sea with words such as gallant, buntlines and spanker.’
    • ‘Then it was clewlines and buntlines and lowering of yards as the topgallant-sails were stripped off.’
    • ‘In reality, the buntlines would not be visible from astern since they run on the foreside of the sails.’
    • ‘This made the combined load of the yard and the sail land on the fore spreader, where the buntlines are fastened.’
    • ‘Unlike today there were no buntlines, no deck-based cables for shortening or taking in sail.’
    • ‘To stow the sail the sheets are released and the clewlines and buntlines are pulled tight.’
    • ‘When setting squaresails, don't put the buntlines back onto the belaying pins until the topmen have finished overhauling and are back on deck.’
    • ‘Each sail has a halyard, downhaul and port and starboard sheets, and the eight square sails have three or four buntlines and two clewlines apiece.’
    • ‘Use the slipped buntline where you need to hitch to a very large object where a slipped Sailor's Hitch for a quick-release hitch would prove unwieldy.’
    • ‘I was soon taught how to pull through buntlines and gasket the sails during setting and furling sail and I soon became an integral part of the deck team during these exercises.’
    • ‘Tacks and sheets are shackled, and the clew-garnets are lashed to the clews; when ready, man the reef-tackles, leechlines, and buntlines, and clew-garnets, and walk all the gear up together.’
    • ‘As soon as each sail was hauled up and the bunt made, the jigger was bent on to the slack of the buntlines, and the bunt triced up, on deck.’
    • ‘Eagle has a pin for every line, but in a pinch, we could have gotten by with some lines doubled up, such as the buntlines on the royals, t'gallants, and topsails.’
    • ‘The Buntline Hitch is used to tie a buntline to a square sail.’
    • ‘The 4-8 tightens braces and halyards that may have gone slack overnight and usually sees to re-nipping the buntlines.’
    • ‘The Buntline Hitch was originally employed to secure the buntlines to the foot of the square sails.’
    • ‘In this case, sweating and tailing the main course clew and buntlines.’
    • ‘As one Coast Guard cadet said, ‘You're up in the rigging in a storm, the sail's flapping in your face, it's pitch dark, and somebody yells to clear the foreroyal buntlines.’’
    • ‘The sail was then gathered in fold by means of clewlines and buntlines.’