Meaning of bupkis in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌpkɪs/


(also bubkes)
informal US
  • Nothing at all.

    • ‘you know bupkis about fundraising’
    • ‘But this is a guy who has bupkis to say when a fellow Christian hypocrite lies to the voters on a daily basis about matters of life and death, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.’
    • ‘I thought I knew a good deal about the film - well, I knew bupkis.’
    • ‘George Bush took 19 votes to John Kerry's 7, leaving Ralph Nader with bupkis.’
    • ‘For anyone still wondering, Cantopop is a noun used to describe a South-East Asian form of pop music, while bupkis is an informal American noun meaning nothing at all in an exasperated sense, as in zilch.’
    • ‘Her luck is so bad that when some big shot in his Jag rams her aging compact broadside, pot-bellied personal injuries lawyer Ed Masry screws up her case, so she winds up with bupkis.’
    • ‘Investors who bid below the clearing price get bupkis.’
    • ‘The compiler won't help you if you assign one to the other and Intellisense won't tell you bupkis.’
    • ‘And this was all very disappointing, because there's bupkis out there.’
    nothing, nil, nothing at all, not a single thing, not anything, none


Yiddish bobkes ‘nonsense, rubbish, nothing’, of uncertain origin.