Meaning of bur reed in English:

bur reed


  • An aquatic reedlike plant with rounded flower heads. Its oily seeds are an important source of winter food for wildfowl.

    Genus Sparganium, family Sparganiaceae

    ‘Examples of emergent aquatic plants include bur-reeds and Sagittaria or Arrowhead.’
    • ‘The other bur-reeds have one stigma, and the fruit tapers to the base and apex.’
    • ‘Connecticut has seven species of bur-reed, all rather similar in appearance and distinguished by technical characteristics.’
    • ‘The most populous families are the pondweeds and bur-reeds, but others are water-plantains, arrow-grasses, arums, duckweeds and cat-tails.’
    • ‘By any name, these little frogs (the ones pictured here were about 5 / 8ths of an inch long) were hanging out on the leaves of the bur-reeds in Cattail Swale.’