Meaning of burden of proof in English:

burden of proof

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  • The obligation to prove one's assertion.

    ‘The Crown continues to have the burden of proof of proving an offence beyond a reasonable doubt.’
    • ‘It may well be that the ultimate objection is that such a pleading places a burden of proof on the claimant to prove his innocence.’
    • ‘These provisions set out the burden of proof in discrimination cases.’
    • ‘The presumption of innocence is in effect being overturned here, placing the burden of proof on the accused.’
    • ‘He also says that the burden of proof in Ireland for a successful prosecution is far higher than in other countries.’
    • ‘There is a reason why there is a burden of proof - in science as well as law!’
    • ‘It also made clear that the burden of proof would be put on the concerned governments.’
    • ‘This new emphasis must push further the burden of proof from the prosecution to the defence.’
    • ‘At an industrial tribunal, the burden of proof is on the employer to prove that it did not discriminate in the ways complained of.’
    • ‘The plaintiff retains the burden of proof, but the jury is instructed that acceptable proof to satisfy that burden can take one of several forms.’