Meaning of bureaucratically in English:



See bureaucratic

‘Indeed, such reductions would be needed to avoid creating a colossal institution that would be bureaucratically hide-bound and too sluggish to respond to the post-Cold War world.’
  • ‘Also, it is larger, more bureaucratically active, more political, more partisan, more purposeful, and more influential than anything similar in American history.’
  • ‘At the same time, academic freedom (that is, some lack of standardization and bureaucratically imposed structure) is essential to teach students to think.’
  • ‘The growth of bureaucratically mature states capable of organizing violence created increasingly strong competition for private military corporations.’
  • ‘We would stop running schools bureaucratically and start running them entrepreneurially.’



/ˌbjʊərəˈkratɪkli/ /ˌbjɔːrəˈkratɪkli/