Meaning of burfi in English:


(also barfi)

Pronunciation /ˈbəːfiː/


mass noun
  • An Indian sweet made from milk solids and sugar and typically flavoured with cardamom or nuts.

    ‘cashew burfi’
    • ‘The results run from simple brittle and toffee type sweets through halva, barfi, and sandesh, to the family of confections based on rasgullas.’
    • ‘For those who preferred sweets typical of the four States, there was mango halwa, thengai burfi, vathalappam, pal pista roll, boondi ladoo and ada payasam.’
    • ‘Finally, ‘sweetmeats’ like halva and burfi can often round off a festive meal.’
    • ‘And remember the lovely silver leaves used to decorate sweetmeats, burfi, and pan, you may be surprised what it is.’
    • ‘This time, we are going to introduce ‘non-vegetarian sweets’ such as chicken burfi, vanilla fried fish, honey-glazed chicken and fish sweet jelly.’
    • ‘Sometimes they give him rupees and barfi, guilty that they have homes of their own and so many dollars.’
    • ‘Taking 15 minutes to prepare, so claims the instruction on the package, one can enjoy homemade burfi.’
    • ‘‘Come to think of it, it was barfi,’ the young man replied.’
    • ‘Be it Kaju barfi, badam or pista barfi, combination like Kaju Kajjur dollar, Kaju pista rolls, dry fruit barfi, Anjeer rolls etc.’
    • ‘There are jars of the salted lime pickles that aunt makes so well, the fried snacks and the pista barfi that are grandmother's specialty.’
    • ‘Maybe Sudarshanji would send him some orange barfi and Togadiaji would present him a gilded trishul.’
    • ‘The Sunday sweets were dry, the kind that are cut into squares - Mysore pak and barfi and such.’
    • ‘Last Divali, a friend told me about a large stapler pin found in a badam burfi bought from a well-known sweetmeat seller.’


Hindi, from Persian barfī, literally, ‘icy, snowy’, also denoting a kind of sweet decorated with silver leaf.