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Pronunciation /ˈbɛrɪəl/

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mass noun
  • 1The action or practice of burying a dead body.

    ‘his remains were shipped home for burial’
    • ‘They are also charged with preventing or conspiring to prevent the lawful and decent burial of a dead body.’
    • ‘Tamil cremate or bury the dead, with burial being more common among lower castes.’
    • ‘Instead, Creon is guilty of a religious sin by denying burial to a dead man's body.’
    • ‘It is a known fact that most of the primitive religious take their rites and practices from the burial of their dead.’
    • ‘To make sure that their bodies would be dead before burial, some people requested that they be cremated or embalmed.’
    • ‘The clerics had grown authoritative to the extent that they could refuse burial of any dead soul in the city cemetery.’
    • ‘It is generally acknowledged that the Indo-Iranians followed the practice of burial.’
    • ‘Temporary hospitals were set up in private homes to treat the wounded and prepare the dead for burial.’
    • ‘This was the popular genre of postmortem images made to commemorate the dead before burial.’
    • ‘No postmortem was ordered, and the dead woman's body was returned for burial before toxicology tests had been completed.’
    • ‘He said the coroner had released the bodies for burial.’
    • ‘The remains of the baby will be kept at Mayo General Hospital until Gardaí decide to release the body for burial.’
    • ‘Thanks to the Isle of Man government, the wreck was raised five months later and the crewmen's bodies retrieved for burial.’
    • ‘She pleaded with his adopted mother and the hospital officials to allow her to take his body home for burial on the reserve.’
    • ‘Remains were brought to Kilgobinet Church on Monday evening last with burial on Tuesday morning.’
    • ‘The family must come to the mortuary tomorrow to collect the body for burial, or the authorities will be forced to intervene again.’
    • ‘Mr Hooper adjourned the inquest and released the body for burial.’
    • ‘It was thought the bath may have been used to store bodies awaiting burial or transfer from Silverton.’
    • ‘It is this money which was used to release the bodies for burial yesterday.’
    • ‘There was no autopsy, nor is there any record of friends having witnessed the body or its burial.’
    burial, burying, committal, entombment, inhumation
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    1. 1.1count noun A ceremony at which someone's body is buried; a funeral.
      ‘they will give him a proper burial’
      • ‘burial rites’
      • ‘It was when I was living in Washington nearly 20 years ago that I first heard about the curious American habit of conducting burials without bodies.’
      • ‘These funeral homes and modern burials just don't compete.’
      • ‘I have been forced to fix a personal quota of funerals if I am not to be on the move to and from burials and funeral parlours all year long.’
      • ‘They found the little girl's body soon after that, and they had a proper burial.’
      • ‘The thought that his body would lie where it had fallen without a proper burial was more than she could bear.’
      • ‘I wish to have a proper burial, but he told me that my husband's body was not found.’
      • ‘Another option would be to send the corpses home in airtight body bags for closed-casket burials.’
      • ‘She did obey the rules of her gods, which were that any dead body must be given a proper burial, with libatations.’
      • ‘The burial ceremony the Indonesians had for my mother was different than what we had in England.’
      • ‘Nor was he an atheist intent on overthrowing the Catholic Church: his final efforts to get a Christian burial led to a bizarre funeral.’
      • ‘If we don't give them a proper burial then we are amiss.’
      • ‘He said his son was entitled to a proper burial, although the family now wanted to discover why he carried out the attack.’
      • ‘Carved on the stonework are the names of the 73,077 men who were denied the honour of a proper burial.’
      • ‘That is why they had been reluctant to give their adulterous sister a proper burial.’
      • ‘Furthermore, anyone who does attempt to give him a proper burial will be sentenced to death.’
      • ‘The family wanted to see the body and wanted a burial because of Islamic religion and this caused a lot of pain because we could not do this.’
      • ‘If they are dead, we want them to be given proper burials.’
      • ‘The Great Army was probably made up of various groups of Vikings - there is no reason why they would all practice the same burial rituals.’
      • ‘The large attendance at both Requiem and burial were testament to the respect in which Maura and the family is held.’
      • ‘The issue is slightly confused by the fact that Darwin was given a full Christian burial, and interred at Westminster Abbey.’
      burying, interment, committal, inhumation
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    2. 1.2Archaeology count noun A grave or the remains found in it.
      as modifier ‘burial mounds’
      • ‘Because of this not all the earth had been put back into the grave at the time of the burial, so it seems likely that a small burial mound or barrow surmounted the grave.’
      • ‘Our comparisons also suggest that the types of grave artifacts included with burials were partly related to age and location.’
      • ‘Pagan burial mounds on the Isle of Man have revealed the grave of a Viking warrior.’
      • ‘Human remains and burials have certainly been of major importance in the history of archaeology, but they are still only a small part of what archaeologists study.’
      • ‘The new circle is bigger than Seahenge and has been interpreted as the remains of a Bronze Age burial mound.’


Old English byrgels ‘place of burial, grave’ (interpreted as plural in Middle English, hence the loss of the final -s), of Germanic origin; related to bury.