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(also burkha)
  • A long, loose garment covering the whole body from head to feet, worn in public by women in many Muslim countries.

    ‘Covered from head to foot in a burka - a traditional Muslim garment - I crossed the border and stepped onto the road to the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.’
    • ‘The fundamentalist regime also forced women to wear the burqa, a loose garment which covered the figure from head to toe with veiled eye holes, outdoors.’
    • ‘My own preference is a long black dress and a white headscarf - I have never worn a burqa in my life.’
    • ‘Women are required to wear full body coverings, such as chadors and burqas.’
    • ‘And ever more women are trading their burqas, the head-to-toe garment worn in public, for an Iranian-style shawl, or chador, which covers the hair and body but not the face.’
    • ‘In the sense of attire, purdah can denote the practice of completely covering a woman's body by wearing a loose, body-covering robe called the burqa.’
    • ‘According to their interpretations, Muslim women must always wear the burqa in public.’
    • ‘Most women continue to wear the burqa, the voluminous garment that covers them from head to toe.’
    • ‘The first element is the requirement that women wear the burqa - a head-to-toe garment that allows vision only through a mesh screen.’



/ˈbəːkə/ /ˈbʊrkɑː/


From Urdu and Persian burqa‘, from Arabic burqu‘.