Meaning of burn into in English:

burn into

phrasal verb

  • burn something into somethingBrand or imprint something with an image by burning.

    ‘designs are burned into the skin’
    • ‘a childhood incident that was burned into her memory’
    • ‘Other efforts to burn an image into consumers' psyche is last year's rollout of Bolivar, named for South American liberator Simon Bolivar.’
    • ‘We also have a chest of tools and do some pyrography, burning images into wood, and we also do woodturning.’
    • ‘The TV series ‘Baretta’ made Robert Blake a household name and burned his tough-guy image into the public's brain.’
    • ‘My visions were always accompanied by mind - numbing pain, which burnt the image into my mind's eye.’
    • ‘He explains how his art expression began when he picked up a hot poker and burned images into a wood board.’
    • ‘The images would be burned in her mind for as long as she was alive.’
    • ‘Once she has formed her ‘feelers,’ she then burns the pattern into the copperplate by heating its underside.’
    • ‘The image of those haunting eyes had been burned in his memory.’
    • ‘I was aware of a strange sense of wanting to prolong this moment and of concentrating on every second of it, in an attempt to burn it into my memory forever.’
    • ‘In his hand the flesh was burnt and blistered, for a mark had been burnt in, three circles inside each other with a triangle in the middle.’