Meaning of burn one's bridges in English:

burn one's bridges


(also British burn one's boats)
  • Do something which makes it impossible to return to an earlier state.

    ‘suing someone is a pretty good way to burn your bridges’
    • ‘don't burn your bridges when exiting an organization’
    • ‘The young Culpeper had irrevocably burnt his bridges as far as returning to Cambridge and completing his training to be a Minister was concerned; the study of medicine was likewise denied to him.’
    • ‘Stabbing me right then was the thought that we had burnt our boats on this quest to return to my roots (my great-grandfather had left Italy for England at the height of the industrial revolution) after 25 years of London life.’
    • ‘A move to Coventry during the 1995-96 season fell flat for Jess, leading to a return back to Aberdeen before ‘burning his bridges’ with his outspoken comments last year.’
    • ‘So I've officially burnt my bridges with old/non-compatible browsers now… a minute's silence please…’
    • ‘A with-profits annuity is one way of buying a pension without completely burning your boats.’
    • ‘I'm thankful I could do that without burning my bridges at Rangers and everyone, from the chairman to the coaches, was honest and straight with me throughout my move.’
    • ‘We're absolutely appalled; these people have burned their bridges with us for good.’
    • ‘There, we found all trains were terminating at Skipton and having burned our boats behind us so to speak we took a chance.’
    • ‘However, until you are sure, it is best not to burn your boats.’
    • ‘They weren't stupid enough to burn their bridges so kept me involved in the album, which I am eternally grateful for because it paid for my studio.’